My name is Hunter and I want to say welcome to Serenity Magazine

Of course this site was not made up completely by me (including the magazine), it is a cooperative effort between me and my family. But in order to “hinder the spread of autism”, I have come to consider this site myn. 

If you want to send me an E-Mail just fill out the form in the “Contact Hunter” section and I will do my best to respond. I have severe social anxiety issues so I will be relying on my family to help me out with mail, which is perfectly fine by me because they know me all too well. My parents are also happy to help me answer any questions you have about me or Serenity magazine.

My favorite colors are Orange and Cyan and the website was built on these coloration’s. These were the colors I wanted to see here. Some of “my autistic kin” are naturally drawn to different spectrum coloration over blue, red, green and yellow. We do not see the world the same as you, so I do not learn in the same parameters. Nevertheless I know 95% of everything there is to know about the cosmos. Ask me a question one day.


So, Welcome One and All!

“I don’t want my thoughts to die with me, I want to have done something. I’m not interested in power, or piles of money. I want to leave something behind. I want to make a positive contribution – know that my life has meaning.” ― Temple Grandin

Serenity Magazine is the brain child of Hunter Kelley. Hunter has autism and has become very aware of what is happening to children worldwide concerning this condition. He can no longer sit back and remain quiet, while millions of children are going through difficult situations. Serenity  magazine is a way  for Hunter to be involved.

If you have a story to tell concerning autism, Hunter is asking people to come forward and tell their stories. We want to help bring families and people together who need support and help from other people. We want to show families there is help through a international network of parents joining together through Serenity Magazine.

Currently in America 1 in 68 children has autism. Those numbers are staggering if you think about the future. In ten years from now what that will these statistics mean to an entire nation of people? We really need to acknowledge there’s a problem concerning autism and educate the population about it now.

Green Growers, Natural Remedies, People and Families

We want to hear from professionals who can offer suggestions and relief to parents through more natural treatments. We will be bringing more alternative treatments to families and offer suggestions like detoxing the body or using CBD Cannabis Oil. We found when we gave Hunter CBD Cannabis Oil he was able to have clarity in his thinking and it calmed him down. The tantrums and frustrations left Hunter and he could hold actual conversations with us.

We want to hear from green growers and people who have involved themselves in communities where children and adults are taught aquaponics and growing food as alternative calming treatments.

Join The ASC Magazine, teach your children

how to grow food in water and soil

Gardening like aquaponics and soil growing helps children with autism and we have insisted that Hunter help us in the garden for this very reason. There are days when he loves it and other days where he just goes through the motions but one thing is for sure, gardening is a therapeutic treatment for autistic people.

Your family member is learning a skill they can use for the rest of their lives and that’s a very important thing to have. We have to look ahead and start to think what we can do now to help our autistic children. Not 10 years from now. We highly recommend parents learn more about aquaponics for growing food and helping their children with autism.

Our sister magazine (Aquaponics Survival Communities) featured Hunter on the cover of March 2016 edition putting together small aquaponic systems. In the past few years Hunter has learned a lot of about ecology, science and biology through helping us in the garden.

ASC Magazine:

Serenity also wants to partner with people who have healthy resources to help other families. We encourage people to come forward who have alternative treatments they have used and know work for their child. Serenity is a network for parents to come together and share ideas, suggestions and alternative treatments.

We are hoping to have a forum put together soon for parents who want to talk, educate and help each other through some of the tough times.

Believe us when we say we know what parents are going through, as Hunter’s tantrums did not settle down until we gave him CBD Cannabis Oil.

Serenity is not really interested in hearing more about putting children on antidepressants or other medications like Ritalin for parents to find relief with their child. Instead we want to empower parents with real solutions to help their children. Rx drugs only band-aid the condition but do not solve the actual problems related to autism.

So if you would like to learn more, please sign up to Serenity Magazine so we can help each other and empower our autistic family members worldwide.

Thank you for your support,


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